Due to the continuing depreciation of US dollar and lack of space on ocean freight vessels we are experiencing a rising demand for the export of cars via air. In spite of higher airfreight shipping costs, transporting vehicles via air has certain advantages over shipping vehicles via ocean freight. While transit time for most destinations via ocean freight ranges from 2 to 8 weeks (not including waiting time for space on the vessel, loading, pick up, customs clearance etc), transit time for air freight service is only 3-5 days for most destinations.

Vehicle export process via air freight can be cumbersome due to requirements on title paperwork, hazardous declaration, inspections, vehicle preparation, cut-off times etc. This is where USAC Airfreight fits into the equation with expertise in this area! We have flown hundreds of cars, trucks, bikes, military vehicles and more. Experience and competitive rates is what sets us apart from other air freight companies. Let the professionals handle shipping of your automobile via air!

Whichever preference, be it Germans, Americans, Italians, Japanese, we can help! We have an extensive experience in providing airfreight services for cars, SUV, pickups, motorcycles and custom vehicles from any point in the US to all major airports overseas. Our services include:

  • Contacting the seller / shipper in the US on your behalf and making necessary arrangements for shipping the vehicle via air:
  • Checking vehicle ownership papers paperwork – title, commercial invoice, bill of sale, packing list etc,
  • Vehicle air freight preparation requirements for airfreight (gas level, alarm, etc)
  • Motorcycle air freight preparation (draining the gas tank, fluids, crating, shrink-wrapping etc)
  • Arranging the pickup and delivery to one of our 11 international gateways throughout the country (enclosed vehicle pickups, open car carrier, flatbed, antique and exotic vehicles, luxury cars, custom automobiles, motorcycles, choppers etc)
  • Vehicle customs clearance in the airport of departure
  • Preparing all necessary paperwork (hazardous declaration, commercial invoice, packing list etc)
  • Maintaining close contact with shippers, consignees, truckers and airlines to ensure smooth and flawless shipping of your precious vehicle to its final destination

For quote, please complete the online request, call us or send us an email at airfreight@usacinternationalshipping.com.