USAC International offers ro-ro service (roll on / roll off) from many US ports, including Savannah.

Savannah is one of the largest ro-ro shipping hub, servicing all major trade lanes – Europe, Mediterranean, Far East, Middle East, Africa, Australia / New Zealand and South America.

Savannah is used to ship self-propelled and rolling stock (vehicles, trucks, motorhomes, boats on trailers, machinery), as well as static oversized cargoes (boats and yachts on cradles, static machinery, equipment) and high and heavy cargoes from US East Coast to many destination overseas.

Multiple steamship lines call Savannah on a regular basis, providing consistent ro-ro, container and break bulk service to other international ports.

Car manufacturers also use Savannah port to import brand new vehicles from their overseas plants.

USAC International provides a full array of services in Savannah, including, but not limited to:

  • Ocean freight / ro-ro service and container
  • Export customs clearance
  • Title validation for self-propelled vehicles
  • Temporary storage for vehicles and high and heavy cargoes
  • Cradle construction for boats and yachts
  • Shrink-wrapping (boats, yachts, etc)
  • Fumigation, if needed (mainly for cargoes destined to Australia / New Zealand and Chile)
  • Port delivery using a TWIC compliant driver
  • Cleaning / pressure washing

Please, contact us for a shipping cost estimate for your automobile, boat, trailer, motorhome or any other type of shipment from Savannah overseas!