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Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the vehicle shipping costs? How much does it cost to ship my vehicle overseas?
Prices are determined by vehicle size, type of service origin and final destination. Please click here to request the quote. We will provide a complete quotation within 24 hours.
How long will the shipment take?
The transit time of an ocean shipment depends on port of departure and port of arrival. As an example, a shipment from New York to Bremerhaven, Germany has a transit time of two weeks; from Los Angeles the transit time increases to six weeks. Allow one-two weeks for vehicle loading and clearing customs.
W hat do I need to do to prepare my vehicle for shipment?
please make sure your vehicle contains no more than 1/8 tank of fuel and all personal items are removed. Only those items that were original equipment (include the spare tire and changing tools) or permanently installed after market items can be shipped with your vehicle. Personal effects, under certain circumstances, may be shipped with your vehicle if special arrangements and additional charges are paid to the steamship lines.
What documents are required to export my vehicle?
US customs officials require either the original title of vehicle ownership or a notarized copy accompanied with the original lien release letter from the lien holder. If a lien (loan) is held on the vehicle, a letter from the lien holder referencing the year, make, model, VIN (vehicle identification number) of the vehicle and specifically granting you authorization to ship your car to the destination country. The letter must be on the lien holder’s original letterhead, signed in blue ink and dated by the lien holder and provide a contact address and phone number. Above documents are required to expedite export clearance and will be returned upon completion of the US customs export clearance verification.
Do I need marine shipping insurance?
Optional marine insurance provides coverage against loss during ocean transit. We can arrange total loss or all risk marine shipping insurance on your behalf, or you can consult your insurance company to determine whether marine insurance coverage is included within your existing vehicle policy.
Will duties and sales tax apply upon entering vehicle into a foreign country?
It depends on the destination country, your residence status and employment status. We recommend contacting the embassy commercial office for the country of destination for current rate information.
Will there be other charges due at the destination port?
Yes, there will be applicable port handling charges upon arrival at the destination port. These charges cover terminal handling/off-loading and documentation fees for your vehicle. We can only estimate what these charges might be, as they vary from destination to destination.
Will there be anyone to assist me with the customs clearance and pick-up of my container?
Yes, we’ll provide you with full details of the destination agent at the time of sailing. Check shipping costs here
Glossary of TERMS

What is RORO?

A term for roll-on roll-off cargo which is driven on and off the vessel. RORO cargo consists of items such as passenger vehicles, tractors, buses and trucks, or oversized cargo loaded on special flatbed, mafi or lowboy trailers.