International shipping of oversized cargo and heavy machinery transport is our specialty too!

International transport of heavy and oversized cargo, construction machinery such as bulldozers, scrapers, excavators, pavers, cranes, concrete mixers, loaders, forklifts; mining machinery etc can be very tricky. One of the biggest issues that oversized machinery shippers face is retrieving the cargo from the auction, construction site or dealership, and delivering the unit to the nearest port of departure.

Following needs to be factored in when shipping heavy machinery overseas:

  • Shipper’s ability to load (non self-propelled units or static cargo); is there a crane or heavy duty forklift on the premises?
  • Suitability and roadworthiness of the trailer / low boy / flatrack;
  • Overall dimensions of the machinery. These are crucial for determining method of shipping and type of shipping equipment.
  • Can the dimensions be reduced by taking off the removable parts?
  • Are permits and escorts needed?
  • Different states have different requirements & permit fees. What is the best route to avoid extra fees in permits?
  • Will port be able to handle the trans-loading and loading on the vessel?
  • Will crane appointment at the port be necessary?
  • One loaded on the low-boy or flatrack, will the unit fit under the vessel’s deck, or on-deck shipping will be needed (on-deck shipping is more expensive).

When employing USAC International Shipping to move your oversized cargo from US overseas, we’ll ensure your machinery is transported in the most efficient and least expensive manner and does not get stranded at the port. We’ll take care of all the necessary steps required for successful transporting of your bulldozer, excavator, crane, scraper or any other type of machinery overseas. We only work with fully licensed and insured heavy machinery haulers and oversized cargo transporters, so our customers can enjoy piece of mind and sense of security no other machinery shipping company can match.

There are many international machinery shipping companies out there competing for your business, however it could be a difficult task to locate a heavy machinery transporter that has the highest safety records, excellent customer service and is ready to do business with you. If you choose our international machinery shipping services, not only we will provide you with an experienced customer service representative to guide you through every pitfall of international shipping, but also provide a free shipping quote, so that you will know all your shipping costs upfront, without hidden fees or charges.

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