Finding a reliable boat transport company is not easy. There are many boat shipping companies that can move your boat overseas, which one to choose?.. Are you getting the best price on boat shipping?.. How about boat pick up and delivery, marine insurance?

USAC International Shipping specializes in providing reliable, efficient boat shipping services with frequent departures from major US ports to all major destinations overseas.

Whether you need international boat shipping, oversized yacht transport, shipping of a sailboat or jet ski overseas, cradle construction, marine insurance, or just want to ship your dinghy from the US internationally, you can always count on USAC International Shipping, your boat transport company with a price package and shipping options designed to fit your needs and budget.

USAC offers a wide range of boat transport services and shipping options to the demanding customers. Some of the most common types of the boat shipping services are: containerized boat shipping; Roll-on / Roll-off (RO/RO) boat shipping (enclosed or on the deck); flatrack boat transport; bulk boat shipping; specialty boat transport services (boat pick up and delivery, escort services, cradle construction, shrink-wrapping, arch removal, storage needs, crane services, etc). Our boat shipping services include, but are not limited to shipping to the following destinations: Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France and United Kingdom); Med (Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt); Russia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Far East, South America and many other destinations.

The most common option in international boat shipping is RO/RO, which stands for Roll-On/Roll-Off service and basically means that your boat will be “rolled on” the ship at the port of origin and “rolled off” at the port of destination. The boat must be on a towable trailer. If there is no trailer, a shipping cradle will have to be constructed at the port of departure. After the boat is placed on a cradle, it will be loaded on a lowboy trailer and towed on to the vessel. Usually cradles and lowboys add 1.5-2 ft to the overall height, so height restrictions will apply (the boat must sit low enough to fit under the vessel’s deck). Boat’s height can be reduced by removing / lowering the arches, radars, towers etc; this will also reduce the overall volume and shipping costs.

Another popular option is containerized boat shipping. Ocean containers can fit a boat up to 7’10” wide, 8’10” tall including trailer. If trailer’s width exceeds 7’10”, we can offer trailer dismantling (fenders, wheels and axle removal) in order to fit the boat in a container. Please, note that container services are usually much less expensive than Ro/Ro, and significant savings can be achieved by utilizing this option.

Boats can also be loaded on flatracks or shipped via bulk service.

If you are interested in shipping your boat internationally and not sure where to begin or which option to choose, please, complete the online boat shipping quote request form, and our boat shipping specialist to determine the most effective way of shipping your boat overseas.

Measuring your boat

When shipping a boat overseas, it is extremely important to measure it properly in order to obtain an accurate shipping quote. For example, boats exceeding 8’6” in width will require DOT permits in each state; boats over 11 ft wide require special escorts; height restrictions differ from State to State; that is why it is important for the boat shipper to know the full overall length, width and height of your boat in order to safely transport your boat to the port and load it on the vessel.

Please follow these guidelines when measuring your boat:

Overall length:

Include in the measurements the following: swim platforms, bow pulpits, outboard motor brackets, outboard motors themselves (the length of the motors or out drives in the raised position). If the boat is on a trailer, include trailer’s measurements from the tip of the tongue to the end of the boat’s motor.

Overall height:

measure the boat from the bottom of the keel to the highest non-removable part of the boat. The draft (from the waterline to the bottom of the keel) + clearance (from the waterline to the highest part of the vessel) equal the total standing height. Boats with an overall height over 13.6’ including trailer will require special handling and inland routing.

Overall width:

measure the boat and separately the trailer at their widest points (the widest point of the trailer is usually fenders or the external wall of the tire).

Preparing your boat for international shipping*:

• Draining the gas tank;

• Winterizing the boat, if necessary;

• Making sure the trailer is roadworthy;

• Checking tires, trailer’s lights, brakes and wiring;

• No personal effects, parts or valuables are allowed inside the boat;

• Shrink-wrapping can prevent moisture and salty air damaging the interior; it can also prevent some damages (scratches, rubbing marks etc);

• In order to reduce the height and transportation costs, fly or command bridge may need to be removed. It is important to measure the vessel without the bridge and also provide bridge dimensions in order to obtain an accurate boat shipping estimate;

• Radar arch needs to be taken down as well. All parts that were removed must be properly secured on to the boat with all necessary safety arrangements;

• Removing completely or stowing away securely all electronics and high value gadgets

* If you need assistance with preparing your boat for overseas shipping, it is recommended to seek for professional help from your local marina, shipyard, captain or marine surveyor.

Documents required when shipping a boat internationally:

If you are shipping your boat internationally, there are certain documents and information you will have to secure. It is recommended to check on Customs regulations in the country to which you are traveling to avoid problems once your boat arrives. Foreign consulates and embassies are a good resource of this information. Most countries require you to present a copy of the bill of lading, a shipping document showing how, when and by what means of transport the boat was shipped (we will provide this document).

Make note you will need a copy of boat’s title (or original) and a Bill of Sale. Some countries (like Australia & Turkey) have specific trailer requirements. Please, make sure to investigate all customs and registration procedures in your country of importation.

There are many international boat shipping companies out there today competing for your business, however it could be a difficult task to locate a reliable boat transport company that has the highest safety records, excellent customer service and is ready to do business with you. If you choose  our international boat shipping services, not only we will provide you with an experienced customer service representative to guide you through every pitfall of international boat shipping, but also provide you with free shipping quote estimate, so that you will know all your shipping costs upfront, without hidden fees or charges .

Reasons to choose USAC international boat shipping services:

  • Affordability –lowest boat shipping rates, including Ro-Ro (Roll On – Roll Off) and containerized boat shipping;
  • Reliability – years of experience in moving yachts, sailboats, catamarans and dinghies from USA internationally;
  • Convenience of using one boat shipping company for all your boat moving needs: door pick up, boat loading, overseas boat transport, customs clearance and marine insurance;
  • Knowing all your boat shipping costs in advance – no hidden fees and charges, you pay what we quoted.