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Car shipping to Greece
USAC International specializes in providing car shipping services to many countries, including Greece. We offer reliable, efficient shipping service with frequent departures from major U.S. ports. We can handle not only the car shipping to Greece from USA, but take care of all documentation, customs clearance, vehicle pick up and delivery, loading and maybe even inspecting the vehicle prior to shipping.

Whether you need an exotic car transport, antique or classic vehicle shipping services, or just want to ship your family car and household goods to Greece, you can always count on USAC International Shipping Company. We can always find a solution with price package and shipping options designed to fit your needs and budget, when it comes to car shipping to Greece.

Major ports in Greece:

Chios Corinth Canal Heraklion Kalamata Kerkira (Corfu) Kithira Navipe-Astakos Piraeus Souda Bay (Crete) Thessaloniki

Major cities in Greece:

Athens, Thessaloniki, Patrai, Peristerion, Iraklion, Larisa, Kallithea, Nikaia, Kalamaria, Volos, Akharnai, Keratsinion, Nea Smirni, Khalandrion, Aigaleo

    Shipping Quote

    Some of the most common types of vehicle shipping services to Greece are: containerized car shipping; Roll-on Roll-off (RO-RO) car transport; other possibilities are door-to-door car transport, terminal-to-terminal car shipping, specialty car shipping services (exotic car transport, non-operational vehicle transport, enclosed car transport etc); delivery to a specified location, storage needs etc.

    Containerized shipping to Greece the most common way used to ship a vehicle, personal belongings and/or household goods. Shipping container can be delivered to your home and you can load the car yourself. In addition you can ship your personal items with your auto. Keep in mind that loading the vehicle in the container is not easy and it is advised to employ professionals. The ocean container sits on chassis about four feet above the ground, has no platforms, lift gates or ramps. The car needs to be secured, blocked, and braced inside the container.

    If you choose not to pack the container yourself, your car can be picked up at your door and delivered to our nearest warehouse, where it will be loaded into the shipping container. This option is chosen by our customers most often, as in this case our company would take care of EVERYTHING since the moment your vehicle is picked up. Once the container is loaded and delivered to the U.S. port, it will be transferred onto a ship going to a specific port in Greece.

    Another thing to consider is that you can often only collect marine insurance if the container is professionally packed. On the brighter side, the loading charges will only be a small portion of your total shipping cost.

    The other most popular option in international car shipping to Greece is RO-RO, which stands for Roll-On/Roll-Off service and basically means that your car will be “rolled on” the ship at the port of origin and “rolled off” at the port of destination. This service is limited to only a select group of ports in US and Greece – please contact us for this information.

    If you are shipping your vehicle to Greece, there are certain documents and information you will have to secure:
    • Make note you will need the original title of the vehicle.
    • If there is a lien on the vehicle (i.e., the vehicle is financed), you will need the notarized copy of the title and a letter from the lien holder (if applicable), authorizing the exportation of the car. If you purchased a car in US you will need the original title and a Bill of Sale.
    • Most countries, including Greece, require you to present a bill of lading, showing how, when and by what means of transport the vehicle was shipped (USAC will provide this document).
    Preparing your vehicle for international shipping:
    • Before the pick up, please make sure the gas tank has less than ¼ of gas.
    • Trucker will need 1 set of keys.
    • The alarm must be disabled.
    • If necessary, winterize your vehicle to protect the radiators and battery from freezing.
    • It is advisable not to leave anything of value inside the vehicle.
    • Personal belongings or parts are strictly prohibited inside the vehicles for Ro-Ro shipping.
    • Make sure the driver goes over all scratches, dents etc and gives you a signed copy of the bill of lading showing all exceptions. This is an important document that insurance company will ask for in case your vehicle arrives damaged
    • If shipping a motorhome or RV with LPG (liquid propane gas) tank, the tank must be completely drained by an authorized dealer, and proper certificate must be provided. Another option is to completely remove the tank.
    • If shipping a boat to Greece, it is a good idea to shrink-wrap it, to prevent moisture accumulation and unauthorized access. It may also prevent small damages, such as scratches.
    Customs regulations on importing a vehicle to Greece:*
    • The vehicle must be registered under importer’s name for the last six months;
    • Certain restrictions apply to vehicles with diesel engines;
    • Paperwork needed at Greek Customs office:
    • Consular Certificate from the country of origin;
    • Must be listed on household goods inventory;
    • Registration plates and vehicle license from the country of origin;
    • Owner’s drivers license

    * It is highly recommended that the Customer informs the Destination Agent of all auto details prior to importing..

    There are many international car transport companies out there today competing for your dollar, however it could be a difficult task to locate a small reliable company that has the highest safety records, excellent customer service and is ready to do business with you.
    If you choose USAC International, not only we will provide you with an experienced customer service representative to guide you through every pitfall of international car shipping, but also provide you with free shipping quote estimate, so that you will know all your shipping costs upfront, without hidden fees or charges.

    *NOTE – Customs regulations in Greece are subject to change at any time. Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, USAC Intl cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. It is a good idea to check with your local embassy prior to shipping auto to Greece.

    Please, contact us today for your